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Join Our Community!

We would love for you to join our community to empower amazing women to DO MORE FOR THE GOOD OF LIFE.  A movement inspired brand that hopes to empower all women to continue to do amazing things no matter the odds. 

FITLETICA is our way TO DO MORE FOR THE GOOD OF LIFE.  With the help of our amazing women we hope to inspire change in our communities through initiatives in Education, Fitness and social justice programs.

We hope to highlight incredible women in our communities that they help shape thru our designs and collaborations. 

Through our search, we approach community Influencers/leaders/coaches that are and will play a big part in their communities.    

This is our first sponsorship program we are launching, and we are honored to share it with you.  We will work closely with our program leaders to grow the program in the coming months.

Few Program Highlights:

  • Early access to product releases
  • Invites to collaborations and community events
  • First to be invited to our Athlete/Influencer program (launching soon)
  • Chance to be featured on our page